Let’s Talk About Change

The New Year often brings about thoughts of making improvements in your life, changing old ways of doing things, establishing new ground rules for yourself, and getting things done. But it can be overwhelming. Where do we start? How do we get out of the patterns that, although not effective, are ever so comfortable? We can’t rid ourselves of the hope that things could be better, yet it is extremely hard to get started.

Change can be unsettling and even frightening. It’s difficult to put yourself out there, outside of your usual boundaries. Stepping into a new arena exposes us to a vulnerability that can feel uncomfortable and awkward. It may seem easier to carry on as we have for so long, and try not to hear that pesky, inner voice telling us that things could be better, if only we’d give it a try. We just need a big push, a burst of energy and then maybe….

Here are a few tips on making that plunge for whatever it is that has been in the back of your mind for a while. This could be your year to finally move forward in a very rewarding manner!

  1. Make a list and prioritize the items by their importance to you.
  2. Spend at least 5 minutes by yourself each morning before you truly begin your day. Reflect on what is a doable goal for that day. Focus on your breathing and remind yourself of what you are grateful for.
  3. Give yourself credit for each success, no matter how small you believe it to be. Rather than focusing on how far you have to go to achieve your goal, celebrate the steps that you are presently taking.
  4. Find humor in what is going on around you. Laughter can brighten your life and bring a sense of well being.
  5. Be kind to those around you, which in turn, can bring kindness back to yourself. What you put out there often comes back multifold. Absorb that good feeling of being the best that you can be in each moment.
  6. Allow yourself the satisfaction that you are making progress in the direction that you desire.
  7. Remember that when things do seem out of your control there are professionals with the ability to assist. Having a non-judgmental, supportive, and caring person in your corner, who has the knowledge of how to help, is invaluable.